Rise of the Demon Lord

On To Apothica

- Saffrenia summoned portal home. Koyas carried her through but came back to the Scions, wanting to help.
- Sallista had magic raft in nearby river. Guided group in the dark to a place where the group can purchase magic items for the upcoming battle.
- Raft took the Scions down the river to a lake. Green glow came from the center.
- Walled “city” of Apothica.
- Sallista told them that Apothica was a large town / walled fortress filled with everybody BUT drow.
- Popular place for adventurers to offload drow magic and treasures.
- Town was hated by drow, yet they are afraid to attack it for some reason.
- Dragonborn guards at front gate, scanned group with gem and lets them inside.
- Instructed to see Maximus Darkstone, ruler of Apothica, to purchase more powerful magic items.
- No drow in town, but many humans, a few dwarves, goblins, orcs, ogre. Everyone behaved themselves.
- Dragonborn guard at Maximus’s home told group that he was training in the basement around back.
- Scions entered cellar, huge arena-like opening.
- Hairless muscled man with small pointed ears was fighting a large Earth Titan.
- Distracted when group entered, KO’ed by Titan.
- Scions intervened to save Maximus.


XP: 2800

On To Apothica

Current XP = 50,333 + 2,800 = 53,133

On To Apothica

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