Rise of the Demon Lord

Out Of The Frying Pan...

- Salissta created a portal which took the Scions to the Shadowfell, specifically the ruined city of Odenia.
- They stepped through and found themselves in the top of a partially frozen, collapsed tower.
- Salissta told the Scions that there’s another teleportation disk that they need to get to, but it was on the other side of the city. Travel by bridges linking towers.
- The Scions were then attacked by mad Odenian Zombies and Winter Wraths.
- Koyas fell three times, Abelarde once.
- Bloody and spent, the Scions sat down and planned their next move.


XP: 5200

Out Of The Frying Pan...

54,333 + 5,200 = 59,533

Out Of The Frying Pan...

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