Rise of the Demon Lord

The Goblin Castle

Maximus Darkstone rested and recovered in his room, but wanted to know why the Scions were there. Salissta told him they were looking for powerful magic items. Maximus considered it and decided to assemble various magic wares for the Scions to peruse. He also asked if the Scions had heard anything about Kronoth (the Worldbreaker), an Abyssal Dragon roaming the world in Human form who happened to be a good friend of his.

Maximus suggested that the Scions adjourn to the Inn for the green. The green referred to the sheen many of the rocks gave off. They glowed green for a time (evening), then a transition period of violet, and then a yellow glow (day).

The Scions found very few people roaming the streets. They did find a building with a “bed” sign on the front of it. They entered and rang a bell hanging from a string above the desk. Minutes later, they were greeted by a goblin wearing a floppy night hat and a long white night shirt. “Can’t you read the sign!” he growled. “We’re clo-”

He looked at the counter and realised there’s no sign up. He quickly reached under the counter and swapped out his night hat for a purple ribboned turban with many shiny gems in it. “I am Prince Ikswel, and I welcome you to Castle Hallows.”

Prince Ikswel recognized Salissta. She asked for the box she had left with him. He retrieved it and handed it to her. She requested some wine, and hot food delivered to her room. She had to meditate.

The Scions decided to spend the evening in the Great Hall. But first, Koyas was sent upstairs to his room to be bathed, shaved, and his clothes cleaned.

Inside the hall was plenty of music, tables, bodies. Dancers. Crackling fireplace (faux fire).

A man cheered when Toby walked in. “There’s the next challenger” he drunkenly shouted. His name was Romsil and his bestest best friend Zuruk was taking all comers in an Arm Wrestling Challenge. Zuruk happnened to be a 7’ Bugbear.

Toby placed his mighty axe on the table, and Abelarde advertised him as the man who destroyed Illidus. Romsil and Zuruk were clearly intimidated. Zuruk won the Arm Wrestling match, and Toby fumed all the way to the bar after Abelarde talked him out of killing the bugbear.

Toby began pounding back the brews. Abelarde, in an attempt to sedate the big man, had his drinks spiked. It was enough that Toby needed to be aided back to his room by two lovely escorts (paid out of group funds).

Lucan, who had distanced himself from the group, made his way over to a Drow woman named Maratha who was sitting alone with a pile of gold on the table. She challenged him to a game of Drunken Daggers. Lucan accepted, wagered, and defeated Maratha. He then sat with her and they spent the evening talking shop before adjourning at night’s end.

The next morning, Salissta rushed the Scions out of the Inn and off to Maximus’ house to purchase magic. She kept saying they’d been found and had to leave quickly. No sooner had the Scions purchased their magic item, than Salissta had begun casting her portal spell.


XP: 1200

The Goblin Castle

Current xp = 53,133 + 1,200 = 54,333

XP needed for lvl 15 = 57,000

The Goblin Castle

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