Rise of the Demon Lord

The Hurt Locker

  1. Lucan returned to the Waystop with Koyas, a homeless human who came off as slightly insane. He had escaped from the Chamber of Truth and said that he could lead the Scions back there. He took them through an old sewer system, which collapsed behind them after they passed through it. They were forced to find another way out once they reached the torture chambers.

The sewers took then beneath the cells, where the blood that drained out of them would pass through floor grates into the sewer. Once underneath the torture cells, the Scions discovered the room that Salissta was being tortured in. They entered the room through the floor grate, killed the Blackguard torturer, and escaped out the front door of the cell. Salissta told them that if they could find her ring, she could teleport them to safety.

As they entered what appeared to be some kind of throneroom for the Blackguard, Lucan caught Saffrenia kissing her assistant Hracken. Only it wasn’t Hracken. Lucan recognized him as an assassin named Tewey, who had been using some kind of medallion to change his appearance. The two assassins squared off while Saffrenia used wizard magic to keep the rest of the Scions at bay. Tewey was killed, but when Saffrenia was ended her corpse melted. She had been a simulacrum, forged by Kalak’s very powerful magic.

Saffrenia had been wearing Salissta’s ring, so it was eventually returned to her after a great deal of hesitation on the Scion’s part. While Salissta began the evac incantation, Abelarde gave Koyas the keys to the cells as he had promised. The Scions were leaving, and if he wanted to come with them he had less than a minute to do whatever he was going to do, and return in time to depart with them. Koyas ran back, opened one cell, and pulled out a woman whose feet were badly burned. It was the real Saffrenia, and she was very unconscious. Salissta completed the ritual and teleported the group to a dark cave where they could rest.


XP: 4400

The Hurt Locker

XP Total is 45933 + 4400 = 50,333

DING! lvl 14

The Hurt Locker

At this point Lucan will provide some of the details about what has just happened….

He was born in Mithrendain to Kalak and Seffrenia Stormrage, who were both very highly respected. So much so that their children were subjected to great scrutiny growing up, belief that their children will all be great assets to this city. Well, Lucan didn’t show any signs of greatness at all as a youngster, in fact he seemed below average. Not overly bright or charismatic. And his being smaller than his younger sister was seen as a “bad omen”. Lucan quickly became the forgotten Stormrage child and somewhat of the shame of the family.

Long story short, he fled the feywild and came out near the city of Luskan. He lived on the streets for some time til he became fast friends with a young pick pocket named Tewey. Tewey got Lucan into the “rogue-ish” arts, which he excelled at. After a while Lucan got introduced to Tewey’s boss, Grice Marsden. Marsden ran much of the black market in Luskan. After some time, Marsden began taking Lucan under his wing and began teaching him more advanced techniques. Lucan had found the family he was searching for. Things were going great. He had finally found his calling.

Then one day, his call from Marsden came. It was his final test to become an official member and leave the pick pocketing behind. Only his final test was to kill Tewey. Lucan refused, which was something that was not allowed. Lucan escaped Marsden at that time but became a marked man in Luskan, with the bounty being official member status, he had many of his old friends hunting him down. Lucan tracked Tewey down to try to get Tewey to leave town with him. Tewey agreed and then deftly stuck a dagger in Lucan’s stomach. Lucan barely fended off Tewey’s attack, breaking both Teweys legs in the process but couldnt bring himself to kill him. Lucan has been running ever since.

Lucan knows that Marsden is on to him and how he got Tewey into Mithrendain is something else because Tewey was a knucklehead. He has now apologized to all of you as all the members of Abelarde Whitby and the Scions of Legacy are in harms way of a network of assassins.

And Lucan had hoped to just jump in and out of Mithrendain without having to talk to his parents, but it looks like that really wont happen.

The Hurt Locker

I’m glad your got your revenge…in Deathstalker II

The Hurt Locker

After the “Who Are You” log we were awarded 1,000 xp. That brings us to 1,000 + 50,333 = 51,333

The Hurt Locker

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