Human Bard

Name Abelarde Whitby
Home Baldur’s Gate
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Bard
Patron Deity None (Waukeen)

Parents are reginald and catherine Whitby. Reginald comes from money. Reginald’s parents were very successful merchants and made a ton of money. Reginald’s parents have passed on (foul play was suspected, but never proven) which had Reginald as the sole heir to their money and business. Since Reginald had never worked a day in his life, he didn’t really do much with the business and quite recently sold it (Abelarde is not aware of this fact). Reginald and CAtherine currently reside in Baldur’s gate (they could move to Waterdeep, but they’d rather be the big fish in a small pond vs a small fish in a big pond).

When Abelarde was born, he was groomed to be a child of royalty (given education, etiquette lessons, etc). When Abelarde was of age, he was sent to Nin (or whereever the adventuring school was) to become a noble warrior (paladin). Naturally, Reginald thought that having a noble warrior in the family would boost the family name to levels not thought possible. Reginald paid a significant amount to get him into the school and into the paladin training, since Abelarde didn’t really have the aptitude to make it in on his own. Reginald doesn’t think much of his son (never really paid attention to him), but does think having a paladin son would be a great thing to show off at parties. Abelarde has an ok relationship with the parents, but really just got by on name recognition and was a total snob.

Abelarde is now the leader of an adventuring party of some renown called “Abelarde Whitby and the Scions of Legacy”.


Rise of the Demon Lord Abelarde