Salissta Stormrage

Sister of Kalak Stormrage


Salissta stormrage


Salissta was the younger sister of Kalak Stormrage. The siblings both showed an aptitude for the mystical arts from a young age, but Kalak seemed to be a natural at focusing and controlling the mystical energy. He began intense study, hoping to focus his gift and to one day become the most powerful wizard in Toril. He was a young man with a great deal of potential, unlike his sister. Salissta resented her brother’s accolades and the blatant disregard of her own abilities. Hoping to equal or surpass her brother’s power, Salissta made a pact with the demonic Illidus The Betrayer for power of her own.

Kalak did not approve of his sister’s demonic dealings. While he felt she was “cheating” to obtain power, he could not bring himself to act against her. Instead he focused on his studies, becoming more respected while tales of Salissta’s dark pact caused first her family, then the rest of her people, to shun her. Feeling angry and betrayed, Salissta vowed to make everyone pay for abandoning her.

Using her dark power, she entered the Underdark and “liberated” a scroll from a drow wizard named Alton’myr. Within the scroll contained a necrotic ritual of enslavement, which could be used to draw power from an entity and give it to the caster. The demon Illidus believed Salissta planned to use the ritual on her brother, but in the end she used the ritual on the demon. He was destroyed in the process, and Salissta absorbed all his demonic power.

But the thirst of power had not been quenched in the warlock. Returning to the Underdark, Salissta visited Alton’myr a second time. This visit was much less covert. She confronted the wizard, who had been in hiding after her first visit, and killed him. As a reward, Salissta took his book of necrotic rituals.

Kalak learned of his sister’s new demon-spawned power and decided it was time to stop her. He rallied forces to oppose her, forcing Salissta to flee to the fabled lost city of Moil, deep in the Shadowfell. There, using her newfound ability to control the undead, she created a small fortress and cast it into an extraplanar dimension of pure necrotic energy. The dimension would be accessible only from the deepest corner of the Shadowfell.

But Kalak and his allies braved the undead onslaught, reached his sister’s stronghold, and fought through her army. During their confrontation, Kalak still could not kill his sister. Instead he chose to banish Salissta rather than destroy her. Using the Heart of Oremus, he banished her to the Blood Rift, cursing her never to return to the Feywild.

Once Salissta had been banished, Kalak and the surviving heroes made a pact in which they would erase Salissta from history by referring her actions to those of Illidus, and making no mention that Salissta had ever existed at all. Over the centuries, the memories of Illidus himself began to fade, was Salissta was essentially forgotten entirely.

The Abyss

In the Blood Rift, Salissta found herself caught in the midst of an eternal war between the demons of the Abyss and the devils of the Nine Hells. She quickly found herself hunted by both factions. The devils hunted her because she was now part-demon, while the demons hunted her for killing Illidus.

Alone and hunted, fearing for her life, Salissta stayed near the river of blood that parted the Blood Rift. She watched from concealment while devils and demons waged horrific war against each other, picking through the remains once the battle had ended just to survive.

It was during one of these battles that Salissta was discovered by the demons. She was captured and taken back to one of the levels of the Abyss. Once her identity was obtained, she was tortured repeatedly for decades before becoming a slave to a Tanar’ri demon lord.

Years passed, and between punishment and abuse, Salissta’s hatred toward Kalak continued to grow. Through her hatred, her power increased to the point where she managed to escape her captors and fled deeper into the Abyss. Once again, alone and hunted, Salissta survived until the drow Pikilas used the Heart of Oremus to return her to the material plane, but within a host who was attending the ritual.

Salissta used her concealment to not only regain her strength, but to bide her time until she could confront her brother once again.

Salissta Stormrage

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