Human Cleric of Bahamut

Name Yelena Chenowith
Home Baldur’s Gate
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Cleric
Patron Deity Bahamut
Siblings Uther – Brother

*Yelena, a young woman in her early 20’s, joined the Scions of Legacy at Highpass Keep.
*Her brother Uther was killed during the resurrection ceremony that brought Yelena back from the dead after being slain in Nynn. His body was laid to rest in Tent City’s Great Fire.
*Since being cursed with the emblem of Illidus, Yelena appeared to have lost her clerical abilities. She believed that Bahamut had cast her out of his good graces.

  • As she became weaker, the Scions took Yelena to see the only man who could help them – Kalak Stormrage, the man who imprisoned Illidus.
  • When the Scions arrived in Mithrendain, Yelena and Thorim were magically bound by Saffrenia Stormrage and taken to Kalak.
  • During the standoff between the Blood Lord (who had Kalak at knifepoint) and Saffrenia (who had Yelena at knifepoint), Yelena had her throat cut to prevent the coming of Illidus.
  • Illidus had been using her as a distraction, the brand acting only to gradually weaken her to the point of near death.
  • Yelena bled to death on the floor, her soul apparently consumed when Salissta Stormrage claimed her body.


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