Rise of the Demon Lord

Festival of the Scions

Festival of the Scions

The Scions were having breakfast at the Adventurer’s Guild House. The caretaker had made them breakfast and was just about to serve them when she looked up and bows, somewhat startled at the appearance of Lady Zufferin. Lady Zufferin requested a fine herbal tea, or she might very well die. After a little back and forth with the group, she asked if Aelik had returned from his vacation. She revealed that she had opened the town portal to Highpass earlier and he had stepped through.

The Honor Guard (Nynn’s new militia name) came by, led by Horace. With “Eternal Slumber” at his side, Horace had a seat and told the group that the tournament will start tomorrow. The town had almost doubled in size, with many merchants setting up shop outside the city. Crime was higher out there as well, so he advised that the group stays within the city limits. He was also instructed by Orvillis (Orville) Jacks that their presence was requested at his city home for dinner later tonight.

Yelena was working with the Church of Bahamut, so she was unavailable. However, she asked the group if they could find her brother Uther somewhere in Tent City. She’d heard he’d made the trip to Nynn, and hasn’t seen him in a very long time. He’d most likely be in a spiritual temple, or a bar.

The Scions of Legacy arrived in Tent City and stopped in at the Great Fire. The Great Fire was a large bonfire pit that had been dug into the earth. Large stacks of trees had been dragged here, but upon investigation the trees had no rings. They had been magically created for fuel. The flames danced in the firepit, changing color. Standing close to the flames relaxed the group. Smaller tents were set up in rings around the fire, along with prayer mats out front. Prayer beads hung from a few of the tents.

Madaless was moderating a discussion near the fire between local merchants and a merchant from Waterdeep. They were discussing the potential for trade in the future, using mystical portals to move goods.

The Pub was a large tent with wooden walls. It was always busy, like a scene out of Oktoberfest. They serve MeatSteak, MeatSoup, and various Ales. The Scions were told that Uther always came back to the Pub, and if they want to stick around they were welcome to wait for him.

That’s when they were serenaded -

“Abelarde Whitby – a bag of hot air
The one they call Toby, all covered with hair
because his drunk father had sex with a bear
and Lucan the coward – his spine is not there
Yelena’s a whore who just wants you to stare
A Festive for Scions we really don’t care.”

Muradin knew the Scions were there. He knew they were looking for Uther. He also knew they’re looking to unload gear. But they had come into his domain, and there was a cost of doing business. However, since there was magic afoot they’d have to compete to earn the goodies. Come back in the evening.

The group attended Orville’s dinner. Midway through, Orville received a message and he ended the meal early. The group left but hung around and followed Orville to the Emerald Dream. They crashd the room he had gone into and found him murdered. They chased the potential killer and got a good look at him: Aultan. Aultan escaped.

The Day After

The Day After

The Scions was visited by Horace at the Guild House. He told them that Selga had requested their presence at the Emerald Dream.

Once they arrived, she sat them at a table in the back of the tavern. She had information for them.

- The guardsmen came by the Emerald Dream just after sunrise. The dead miners were found and their deaths had been blamed on the events of last night (Drow or the Skeletons, not Toby).
- Noran Naxxremis is looking for them.
- Aelik didn’t leave word about leaving town, which is odd for him.

Guards returned to the inn and gather up the group. Naxxremis wished to speak with them.

When they arrived at the Hall of Heroes, a wing of the barricks, the group found Noran standing before rows of dead bodies covered with blankets. He wasn’t wearing his armor, but he did have some questions. He wanted to know if the group had any idea why the living dead came to attack their town. Did they do anything at the keep that might have brought this upon them? Naxx was aware that some of the undead were wearing the garb of the mercenaries who were guarding the keep, so he suspected that location as the origin of the undead.

He also wanted to know if they have any idea what happened to the slain miners.

Noran did not seem to believe them. For the safety of the town, he ordered them to be put under arrest. They were attacked. There wee Three Guards, One Mage, who happened to be holding the leash of a very nasty-looking attack dog.

Noran hung back and watched the group. When things started to look bad, Noran tried to flee. Insteand he was incapacitated and the Scions departed instead. They decided that they needed to return to the Keep to get some answers.

The Keep

There’d been work done on the keep. The walls had been built fifteen feet high, with no windows and no door. No roof either. The open hole now had a vault-like door with a mystic binding on it, and a magic lock. A Hobgoblin Commander sat in the entryway eating cold rations. He had the key for the lock on him. He threw a piece of meat to the chained Dire Wolf nearby. Two Bugbear Warrior patrolled the perimeter.

The bugbears began complaining to the hobgoblin. He told them to shut up and stop their snivelling before Tathlyn or Neera heard them. They would be paid as soon as Naxx showed up with the sacrifices.

Down the ladder. The dwarf statue was gone. It had been crushed and swept aside, as has most of the wreckage that previously littered the room. It looked like there was fresh blood in here, coupled with drag marks leading into the throne room. Camp had been tucked away, with gold and items for the taking (potions, etc).

Beyond the double doors: The group heard the sounds of combat and the occasional scream of the slain. There was a commotion in the room. Tathlyn (a Drow Bladesmaster) was mowing down people while his sister, Neera (Drow Wizard) barely watched out of boredom. She wa spending most of her attention reading a book bound in black leather, trimmed in gold. After a good scream, she peeked over the top of the book to watch the body fall to the floor. She chastised him for playing with his food, and he told her she was just jealous. She told him he was the jealous one in that that not only could he not read, he was not blessed with the power she had. He dispatched the last person, and Neera used a wand to entrap her brother in a mystic cage. Tathlyn is not impressed and demanded she release him.

The Scions attacked and defeated Neera while Tathlyn could only watch, trapped in the bubble.

They examined Neera. There was some gear as well as a swirling shadow orb with a skull in it, much like the disc Naxx’s mage had. There was also a pool of crimson where the throne once was. On a dais near the pool was the tome Neera was reading from. It mentioned the name Illidus. Lucan recalled the name as a legendary Warlock who is part Eladrin, part Demon. The key ingredient to open the portal to free him from his dimensional prison was the sacrifice of two hundred souls.

With Neera dead, Tathlyn was trapped in the cage. He was seething, but could not escape and the group could not get to him. Yelena suggested that they leave him in his bubble, lock the doorway, and either break the key in the lock or get rid of the key. No one can get into the Keep, and Tathlyn couldn’t get out. Yelena took the book when they left.

As they made their way back to town, the Scions met Naxx who happened to be leading a squad of two hundred militia men to the Keep. The Scions offered the book up as evidence that Naxx was taking them all as a sacrifice to unleash a demon that he hoped to control. The Militia turned on Naxx. He called on his men to protect him. The Mage and Naxx went after Yelena to get the book. The others attacked the group. Naxx fled. The Militia fought amongst themselves and didn’t get involved. Horace stepped up with his mystic Warhammer and took control of the Militia.

Visit Kavalar

Visit Kavalar

Aelik, the Guild Leader, had disappeared. Selga hadn’t seen him for days, which is odd for him.

The group had built something of a reputation after rescuing the militia soldiers from the Keep. Kavalar Coppernight had been magically placed in a sleep, hoping he could recover from whatever horror he saw underneath the keep. His best friend, Welmon Goldbeard, had sent several mercenaries to return to the Keep to secure it and lock it down until Kavalar recovered. Until then, no one was to go into the Keep.

Yelena had been praying to Bahumut for guidance. She felt that she has been shown the way, and would redouble her efforts in his name. She is no fool, and is well aware that Abelarde is not the Paladin he claimed to be. She forgave him his discretion, as long as he wasn’t taking the Divine’s name in vain. Apparently he had no idea which god he was to worship. Yelena offered a suggestion -

Waukeen (Unaligned female) God of Merchants, Dominion of the Eternal Sun, Priests are known as Goldeyes Adjective is “Waukeenar”

The Dwarves had sequestered a room at the Emerald Dream. Welmond remained at his friend’s side, while Kavalar remained in a magic stasis cast by Lady Zuffrin. Welmond had no idea what Kavalar saw, just that it was horrible and it was coming for him. On occasion, miners from the nearby mine (the owner, Orvillis Jack) came by to harass the dwarves.

That evening, Katherine was to be performing with her band, so the place was packed. The Scions were in attendance as well. There was a table of emerald miners, celebrating the survival of a recent goblin ambush. They were also angry that dwarves had mercenaries to protect a keep that nobody was even using, but they had to fight to keep the mine open. The very mine that kept the town afloat.

One man, Crazy Jordus, got very loud. Very pissed about the militia numbers running low. Where the Hell were all the soldiers? Why was no one stepping up to help protect the source of the money for Nynn? The miners were all still armed. Selga offered them free booze to calm them down. Instead they wanted to tear the bar down.

Toby started crushing them. The Scions followed suit.

After the dust settled, Selga wondered where the Hell the militia was. Why had nobody shown up during the brawl? That would be due to the fact that they were currently fighting off skeletons.

Word came by way of two very nervous militia guardsmen. Undead swarms were attacking Nynn. They came for Aelik, but since he was not there they took the Scions with them. Something had blown a hole in one of the walls and there was nobody left to defend the breach.

As the group arrived, the two men who had been guarding the hole had been slaughtered. These men were killed with precision, a little more than what would be found by skeletons. The Scions also noticed that the wreckage indicated the wall was blown up from inside Nynn. They were then attacked by skeletons and zombies.

Guardsmen arrived with partitions that would block the hole. Some of the lanterns had gone out, but there was enough light to see some of the gear these undead men were wearing. They identify it as gear worn by the mercenaries that were guarding Coppernight Keep. The fight raged near the front gate, so while the big strong men patch up the wall Yalena decided to help the front line. The group went with her. When they arrived, the militia was standing back while a single Drow stood in the middle of a heap of bodies, blood dripping off the twin blades he held in his hands.

“You people are sheep. This town isn’t yours anymore. Consider this a courtesy call, and leave.” He dropped a bloody sack in the heap, cloud, gone. Inside the sack were the heads of the remaining mercenaries from Coppernight’s Hold.

Coppernight Hold

Coppernight Hold

Kavalar Coppernight, a dwarf prospector, had led a couple of dozen volunteers in a quest for rich veins of ore. Several months ago, they began underground mining operations, as well as a surface excavation for a small keep. Hearing of this development, the mayor sent two veteran militia members to investigate. They should have returned two days ago, and the mayor was growing anxious.

What they don’t know, as it turned out, shortly after the soldiers set off, a white dragon wyrmling and her kobold followers struck the building site. The assault against the dwarven enterprise was difficult and costly, but ultimately successful. The majority of the dwarf miners, builders, and guards perished defending their new home. Only a few dwarves were taken prisoner.

Since then, the dragon had holed up in the newly constructed chambers, hoping to recruit more kobolds from a nearby tribe to join her forces. After gathering more cannon fodder, the dragon planned to use Coppernight Hold as a launching point for further attacks.

The group is asked by Aelik, on behalf of the Mayor, to find out what happened to the two militia members.

After slaying Kobolds and the white Wyrmling, they returned with Kavalar Coppernight himself and the milita men.

Final Celebration

Final Celebration

That night, there was a grand celebration in the Guild Hall. At the head table, Tylus with Frostwyrm in his sheath, and Lord Witherdell sat side by side. Beside Lord Witherdell was Lady Witherdell, and their daughter Celeste. Beside Tylus was Jana and Bakaras. Beermaids served lager and mead, food was dished out, and music played.

Tylus made a speech for everyone in attendance. He said that tonight’s celebration would be an early victory feast for some. For others, it could be a final meal. In any case, enjoy and good luck to you all.

Aultan and his crew were staring daggers at the party.

Yelena was sitting with a group of people. Trak is off to the side, looking bitter. He’d been kicked out of the group.

Reshor chillaxing by himself.


- (Rumour) Akumas was attacked by Aultan’s men in an attempt to thin the herd.
- (Rumour) Akumas was attacked by Tylus’s men because he doesn’t like the nobleman’s family.
- (Story) Akumas was poisoned, but they brought in a priest from Tyr and he should be mobile in a day or two.
- (Rumour) Jana is Tylus’s sister/wife/girlfriend
- (Rumour) Bakaras serves a powerful demon lord and is only kept in check by his word to Tylus.
- (Rumour) Celeste once bedded a horse/Tylus and was not right for months afterward.

Celeste approached Toby and took him to a loft above the stables. They happened to get caught, and Celeste screamed rape. The guards dragged him away, but once they were out of range of her they released him and apologised. She does this all the time.

Tylus announced that the two groups will be commencing the test. Group leaders need to step forward. Aultan stepped forward for his team. Abelared for his. Random draw, Abelarde won and his team (including Yelena) would be going first. Tylus escorted them into a room.

A cloaked figure was casting a spell, ritual, to create a portal. Tylus asked if the group had a name yet – The Scions of Legacy!

The Scions would be transported to the town of Nynn. Once there, they were to seek out the Adventurer Guildmaster named Aelik. Tylus then gave each member a guild ring. They noticed that the symbol on the ring was the same as the one tattooed on Tylus’ finger.

Worlds of wisdom from Tylus – “If anyone made it through, I had a hunch it’d be you three. Now prepare yourselves. Tomorrow is promised to no one, so live today like it’s your last.”

The ritual began. There was a commotion in the hallway. The alarm bell kicked in. A squire ran into the room. His panic was evident on his face.

Tylus – “I really need to plan my speeches a little better. What is it?”

“Zombies sir! They’re everywhere! There’s someone with them –“

Tylus stood up and pulled his sword. “Slow down boy. Take a breath. Now tell me again what’s going on.”

“Vile undead are pouring out of the training hall like maggots from a split doe.”

“Thank you for that image. Now take me to them.” The Scions stood, but Tylus stopped them. “You stay here.”

They protest. “Okay fine. Congratulations, you’re official members of the Adventurer’s Guild. Now, as the Guild Leader I am ordering you to guard these doors. Complete the ritual, step through the portal, and find Aelik. I’ll be damned if a single piece of Highpass steel is going to fall into the hands of a walking corpse. Their stomach or their head, I’m fine with.”

The squire looks at Tylus. “Don’t you need armor?”

“I’m Tylus. I eat zombies for breakfast.”

“The other that’s with the zombies though. One of the guards… he said it was the Blood Lord himself.”

That didn’t sit well with Tylus. “You heard that boys – avenge my death. For now, you know what to do.”

Tylus left. It started off quietly – the sounds of skirmishes. Screams. Steel meeting steel. Human voices crying out in anger. Snarling, barking, their voices getting louder. The combat was getting closer.

The door burst open, and in came the zombies. They ambled toward the caster. She looked nervous, but focused.

The zombies were defeated, the portal was completed. Aultan was then thrown through the door.

The Blood Lord entered the room, sending a Zombie Hulk after the Scions. The portal had a short duration, so the Scions stepped through. The Blood Lord sent his Hulk through as well. The Scions saw that the Blood Lord now had Frostwyrm.

The townsfolk of Nynn screamed and scattered. The group saw the undead pounce on Aultan. The Blood Lord stabbed the caster through the stomach, and she slid down the blade as he lifted her off the ground.

The portal closed, the Hulk defeated. The townsfolk stare in shock, and one of them finally asked: “Are you from Hell?”

Calm Before The Storm

Calm Before The Storm

The group were at the bar, the night before the final exam. Akumas assured them success before excusing himself to go to the bathroom. Minutes later, someone screamed that there was a fight in the bathroom. The group arrived to find a bloody Akumas in the hallway, and one of his assailants still stabbing him. He realized he’d been seen and fled. The group eventually ended up catching the fleeing assassin and turned him over to the guards.

Akumas was in bad shape. He had beem poisoned on top of the multiple stabbings and the healers were having trouble curing him. He would not be at the Final Exam.

The party managed to get back to their room for a few hours of sleep before the knock on the door.

Just after sunrise, everyone assembled in the Adventurers Guild’s main hall for breakfast. There seemed to be more people here than normal. Most likely everyone who might have been out in the field had come in for the Final Exam. There were several tables set up, but not enough to seat everyone at the same time. Groups entered the hall, helped themselves to small loaves of warm bread and a beef stew-like broth, chased it down with a mild wine, and then left.

When the party sats down, they shared the table with three other people. One of them, a young girl in her mid-teens, was flipping through a book of religion (Bahamut). Another, a dwarf, was cleaning his bowl and eyeing up the girl’s dish. The third was a half-elf who picked at his bread and sipped the wine.

A table cleared, and Aultan’s crew walked past. One of them smacked the Half-Elf’s wine out of his hand and it landed in the girl’s book. “This isn’t a library,” the dude says.

Yelena jumped up with the book and started wiping it. She pushed the goons away and left.

“Nice! What a jerk you are!” she shouted as she stormed off.

Reshor the Half-Elf looked up at the crew. “You owe me a glass of wine, peon.”

“Yeah? Keep dreaming, half-breed.”

“If this was my dream, your skin would be lying in a heap at my feet. Now get me my wine, before my dream comes true.”

The cronies left, and Reshor got up and left as well. The dwarf continued to eat, ignoring everyone else. He grunted that the commotion had nothing to do with him and he was minding his own business. Maybe the group should do the same. He then picked up his bowl and left as well.

When the group was finished eating, they got up and left the table. They were instructed by a guild patron wearing a tabard that they were to return to their room immediately for further briefing. Once they get back, Bakaras was standing there with their gear. They are told that Tylus has seen promise in them, and that they will be taking their final exam tonight rather than tomorrow with most of the others. One other group will be taking the final tonight. There will be a banquet in honour of those who will be taking the final exam, five parties in total. Tonight, the group should enjoy themselves. They most likely won’t live to see the sun rise tomorrow.

Trak the dwarf was standing in the doorway of the dorm, talking to two other people. He said the girl would have gotten killed during the final exam anyway. This is for the best. He had sent Yelena to the market for some supplies.

The group went after her. They cut through an alley and found Yelena backed into a corner, surrounded by Aultan and four very unpleasant thugs. The group handed Aultan and his boys a good beating, sent them on their way, and offered Yelena a spot in their group. She anxiously accepted.

Fight Club

Fight Club

The group is housed in The Academy of Martial Sciences, a fancy name for the training grounds for the Adventurer’s Guild in Highpass Keep.

Each person had their own room – a bed with a straw mattress, covered with a single thick burlap blanket. Beside the bed was a small table, big enough for one, with a single chair. On the table was a single lantern, three candles, one flintbox. They each had a box with a hole cut in it, which acted as a toilet. The bucket beneath it was retrieved and cleaned while they were out partaking in their training.

All three rooms shared a similar view from their tiny window. Outside they could see the mountains, the pass that one day they each might have to travel. Given the amount of bloody and battered soldiers that dragged each other back to the Keep at the end of their tours, they each knew that one day they might not come back alive.

- Gilgamoor
- Lanbe
- Osgrum
- Cetla
- Huctate
- Jerome
- Aultan

Aultan was the wild card in the bunch, as he had taken the Final Exam three times.


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