Rise of the Demon Lord



Eregos assembled at the dock with a group of rescuers and survivors. Among the group he returned with was a somewhat catatonic mayor Justalyne Teresse, and Selga, former owner of the Emerald Dream. Selga had clearly been crying, and Mayor Teresse just kept repeating “He came back for me.”

- Mayor Teresse: The Blood Lord was Jaxon Shadowbreaker. She had a crush on him back when he was a paladin, and now he had become the Blood Lord. She felt he’d come back but couldn’t find her. She couldn’t leave, not now. If she does, he will never find her. With a wild look in her eyes, she broke away from the group and ran back into the burning wreckage of Nynn, screaming “I’m here Jaxon! I’m here!”

- Selga: She put on a brave front. She’d lost her husband, then her lover (Aelik), and now her son Horace. Her daughter, Katherine, had a room in Loudwater, so Selga will disembark there and fend for herself. Who knows, maybe she’ll even decide to stay in Loudwater and set up another Emerald Dream of her own. She brought a few personal items, and one of them was a sachel full of emeralds. “That should get things started, don’t you think?” She asked if the Scions would be willing to escort her to Katherine’s room at the Green Tankard Tavern. She would be willing to part with some of her baubles if they’d be willing to escort her.

The supplies were loaded onto the riverboat, a paddlewheel vessel named The Rhino captained by Captain Malin Laeger. The Captain had been the victim of numerous pirates, but because of the shielded paddlewheel and the ram in the front, he could plow through most obstacles that got in his way.

There were 45 people that boarded the Rhino. Cap Laeger said that there were rooms below deck, lock boxes at the end of the hall to store things, bigger items could go down in the hold. Take as little as possible into the rooms, because they’re going to be snug.

Each room had three bunk beds and a small chest. Snug was right.

Snow began to fall, and the Rhino grunted down the river.

Because Yelena was seen as cursed and evil, no one wanted to bunk with her. That meant the Scions had a room to themselves. The first day gave them plenty of time to travel, as the river flowed downhill. Snow turned to rain as they descended from the altitude of the mountains. Actual trees, large and lush, started to grow.

The boat travelled down the Greyflow River to Daggerford. They made good time, but for no apparent reason the boat slowed and anchored. When questioned, the captain said he wouldn’t make the run past Llorkh during daylight hours. It was safer to make the trip under the cover of darkness.

Macleb sent his pet Hawk out to scout the river while the boat waited. The bird returned with no news. Nightfall, the boat built up speed and drifted by the fork in the river. Eyes on them maybe, but there was no attack.

Second day, something got caught in the paddlewheel. Speed slowed. It was well after sunset by the time the Rhino pulled into Loudwater. Capt Laeger said they may be a day in Loudwater to assess the damage to the wheel, but folks were free to stay onboard if they wished.

Selga was ready to go to the Green Tankard Tavern. The Scions geared up and escorted her.

Rivermaster Sarl met the boat as it docked. Capt Laeger explained the damage situation. Sarl told the group the Fisher’s Friend Pub was as good as any if they wanted to wet their whistles.

While disembarking, the Scions noticed a tattooed dwarf struggling to unload a barrel from a nearby fishing boat. He cursedg at the sailors who were walking away. He saw the Scions and asked if they can help him carry the barrel to a nearby wagon. Toby offered to help, but accidentally dropped the barrel. The lid came off and a young child, his pants soaked with urine and a dirty rag stuffed in his mouth, came tumbling out.

The dwarf, Zark, tried to escape. He took a beating.

Zark begged for mercy. He admitted to being a member of a slave ring, but he emphasized that his part was small: He delivered barrels from the Pale Minnow to the bandits in Zelbross. He agreed to help them because when he was ambushed a while back, the bandits’ leader gave him a choice: Act as their agent in Loudwater or die. Zark didn’t know the names of anyone else involved.

“I was ambushed by bandits outside Zelbross. I was accompanying a caravan out of Loudwater when they attacked. They killed everyone but me. I survived because as I was fighting ’em off, I tripped and fell back into a gully and was knocked out. Anyway, if you’re going after the bandits, I’ll guide you to their place. It’s about time someone did something about them. I want to get my revenge against those poxed bastards.”

The Scions suspected Zark’s motives were not as he said, but they needed him to guide them. After discussing the issue with Muradin, the Scions decided to take the wagon with barrels to the camp while Muradin tried to buy them a few days to get this done.

The Fall Of Nynn

The Fall of Nynn

Pikalas was aided by eight Legion Devil Hellguards. Yet even with those odds, the Scions (aided by Muradin) were able to defeat the Devils and slay the evil Pikalas.

Toward the end of battle, Yelena emerged from the tent bearing the glowing rune of Illidus on her forehead. Pikalas bore the same emblem as a brand on the back of her neck.

+ + +

“Why can no one see that she is evil?!”

Eregos, the Dragonborn Cleric of Torm, pointed his finger at Yelena and surveyed the remaining survivors of the ritual slaughter. “She bears the mark of Illidus on her forehead! She was brought back from the dead at the cost of two hundred other lives!”

Yelena turned away from Eregos, away from the Great Fire that burned behind him, and walked back to the tent from which she had been resurrected only minutes before. Her mind was still reeling from what had just occurred, and she was struggling to process the events. She had seen the White Dragon, and Bahamut had tried to tell her something. She couldn’t seem to form words from his roaring, before lights spun around her and breath returned to her deceased body. Yelena managed to sit up before her chest burst open and released a white bolt of energy that seemed to seek out living bodies to attack.

The first victim had been the man standing beside her, his expression turning from elation to horror as the blast punched a smoking hole through the center of his chest before it hungrily leaped toward the next person.


Her brother.

Yelena, somehow intact aside from a stabbing headache, knelt down beside Uther and held his hand. She felt the tears welling in her eyes, but they refused to fall. She felt confused, but the sadness gave her clarity. Uther was dead, and whatever had killed him had left the tent and struck down others. As much as her body rejected any notion of movement, Yelena willed herself out of the tent to try to help any way she could.

Now that the crisis had passed, all Yelena wanted to do was to grieve for her brother and the rest of the two hundred laying dead on the ground. Once her sorrow passed, she would try to determine what exactly had happened to her. But Eregos would have none of it. “Where are you going, devil spawn? Off to summon more demons to do your bidding?”

The cleric of Bahamut stopped and squared her shoulders. She refused to turn around, wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing her tears, but the quiver in her voice betrayed her sorrow. She gathered her resolve before speaking. “I’m going to bury my brother,” she said. “I’m also going to retrieve his sword. If you are in my sight when I return, I will use that blade to make a pair of boots from your hide.”

Muradin placed a hand on Eregos’ shoulder. “Don’t worry about her,” he told the Dragonborn. “Gather the people and start preparing for our departure. We need supplies, food and water. I’m going to need a few men to head to the boats and tell the captains we are leaving. The snow is going to fall any day now and there aren’t many friendly faces between here and Waterdeep if we end up being iced in.”

“But -”

“We are not having a discussion here.” Muradin tightened his grip on the Dragonborn’s scaled shoulder. “Go.”

Grudgingly, Eregos made his way to the nearest crowd of armed men. Muradin waited until the cleric had departed before addressing the Scions of Legacy. “Much as I hate to admit it,” he said, “I have to side with Eregos. Your girl was brought back from the dead, well and good. But she was resurrected through what I’m told is a ritual for summoning the demon lord Illidus. She’s sporting the demon’s mark on her forehead. You can see how people would be a might untrustworthy of her.”

“I know the feeling.”

The voice came from Yelena, tears still drying on her cheeks. True to her word, she had returned with her brother’s greatsword in her hands. “I know how this looks. I know that when I say that I am me, and not Illidus, nobody is going to believe me.” Her voice struggled to free itself from her. “The one person who would trust me without hesitation was… was the first to die when I was brought back from the dead.”

Muradin placed a hand on Yelena’s shoulder. “Your brother was a good friend of mine. If you need help laying him to rest, I want to help.”

Yelena looked somewhat relieved at the offer. “Thank you.”

While many of the survivors dragged bodies to the Great Fire for disposal, Muradin pulled a burning stick of wood and took it to a funeral pyre away from the others. He stood before the giant mound of logs and timbers and waited for Yelena to complete her prayer before tossing the branch into the pile. Seconds later the oil caught, the flames crackled as the wood caught, and Muradin stood silently alongside Yelena and watched Uther return to the ashes of the earth from wence he came.

+ + +

“This is the situation. There’s a boat in the river that will take us to the coast. It should take about a week to reach there. Most of the supplies had been removed from the boat, and given the current situation it’s safe to say those supplies are, well, spoiled.”

Muradin watched a group of armed men depart. He turned back to the Scions. “I’m asking you to go into Nynn and gather what you can. There may be meat in the butcher shop. Some of the inns might still have rations. There’s rescue teams making their way through Nynn, looking for survivors. They’ll take care of that bit of business. Get what you can, as quickly as you can. You know the town better than anyone here, so you know where to look. Despite what has happened in the past hour, we have no way of knowing if we are safe or not. We are only safe for the moment. Only way to remain that way is to get on the boat and make haste down the river.”

A young man led two horses, pulling a large cart, to the Scions. Muradin jerked his thumb toward the contraption. “It’s not fancy, but it’s your ride. If you load that thing up, we should have enough supplies to get home. Good luck.”

As soon as the Scions passed through the fallen gates of Nynn, they made their move. Lucan and Toby dismounted, leaving Abelarde and Yelena in the cart. Toby drew his blade and walked in front of the horses, moving debris and bodies out of the way so the horses could pass by. Lucan disappeared into the shadows, slowly advancing block by block, checking for ambushes or any other form of unpleasantness that might have been laying in wait. He would emerge only long enough to give quick hand signals to Toby, alerting the big man of any trouble that might be coming their way.

The clopping of the horses were the only noise in town. The smell of smoke drifted in the air, remnants of the fires that had levelled over half of Nynn. Occasionally Lucan would see one of Muradin’s rescue parties clearing buildings, and once in a while they’d bring out living civilians. But aside from weeping locals and clip clopping horses, Nynn was as silent as a grave.

The skies had clouded over, and a chill blanketed the town. Toby kicked a decayed zombie head through a doorway. “Got cold pretty fast,” he said and looked up at the sky. “Snow’s coming soon.”

“We’re almost at the shop,” Yelena said. “Lucan’s probably there already. Hopefully we can load the wagon and get back to the Great Fire before it gets too chilly.”

“Cold would be bad,” Abelarde said to Yelena’s chest.

Toby noticed the movement in the shadows. “We’re clear to the butcher shop.”

The Butcher Shoppe, Toby’s former land of employment. Lucan stood in the doorway. “Coast is clear,” he said. “The meat is still there. Doesn’t look like anything’s been touched.”
Toby shouldered his weapon and followed Lucan inside. Abelarde held the reins. “I’ll stay out here to keep the horses calm.”

“I’m sure,” Yelena said. “Why not just -”

She stopped because Abelarde wasn’t looking at the horses. He wasn’t even looking at her clevage. He was looking past her. She didn’t want to look. Something told her not to look.
She looked.

The Blood Lord looked back, with his blood-red eyes locked firmly on the symbol glowing on Yelena’s forehead.

“I’ve been looking for you,” he said. His smile wasn’t very comforting.

+ + +

The Blood Lord stood in the middle of the road, and Abelarde observed that there was never a runaway wagon train when you needed one. “Can I interest you in a side of beef?” he asked.

The side of beef happened to step out of the doorway that very second, and he was armed in a flash. Toby was in motion by the time the Blood Lord raised his hand. “Hold, Barbarian. I have not come here to kill you.”

“That’s going to make my job a whole lot easier,” Toby growled.

The Blood Lord’s facial features were concealed beneath his helmet, revealing only his sneer and burning red eyes. Those eyes seemed to take in everything at once. “Where I can see you, Lucan.” He pointed his finger toward the side of the building and motioned him forward. “As I said, I’m not going to harm anyone unless they do something foolish.” He looked at Toby. “Or suicidal.”

“Why are you here?” Yelena asked, already suspecting she knew the answer.

Two large humanoids stepped out from the burned-out shell of the spice shop across the street. They had no features, appearing to be roughly carved from obsidian. They stopped twenty paces behind the Blood Lord. “You bear the mark of my Master,” the Blood Lord told her. “But you are here, and He is not. He should have used you as an anchor to this world, and manifested out of your still-warm flesh.”

“Happy to disappoint you,” muttered Yelena.

“Something went wrong. Never trust a Drow to do a Man’s work. Still, you bear the mark so there’s still hope.”

Yelena pointed at the glowing mark on her forehead. “How do I get rid of this?”

The Blood Lord lost his smile. “There is no getting rid of it. It is a great mark of power. You’ll be rid of it once Lord Illidus tears through your flesh and is rid of you.”

Yelena stood up in the cart. “I won’t let that happen!”

“You can’t stop it,” the Blood Lord told her. “It’s already done. It’s only a matter of time before he sheds you like a cocoon.”

“We’ll stop it,” Toby warned.

The two obsidian humanoids slowly turned around. Lucan stood in the doorway of the former spice shop and slowly dragged the tip of his dagger across his throat. “We’ll stop you,” he told the Blood Lord.

“Eladrin, you couldn’t save your town from my minions. What makes you think you can stop me?”

“That’s what we do,” Abelarde said matter-of-factly. “We’re Abelarde Whitby and the Scions of Legacy.”

“You never stop, do you?” Yelena said under her breath.

“That’s what I do,” Abelarde whispered back.

The Blood Lord addressed the group. “Save your strength for now. The Scions must keep the vessel safe until her protector arrives. He will be tasked in protecting the vessel until Lord Illidus emerges.”

“Stop calling me the vessel. You make me sound like a ship.”

“I won’t make any ‘filled with seamen’ comments then,” Abelarde said with a smirk.

“Good thing,” Yelena said. “If you did, I wouldn’t be the only one here without a penis.”
The Blood Lord raised a fist into the air. “Good luck Scions.” He looked at Yelena. “I look forward to our next meeting.”

“I look forward to killing you,” Toby said with a great deal of enthusiasm.

“Uh, he doesn’t speak for all of us,” Abelarde noted.

The Blood Lord turned around, flanked on either side by the obsidian constructs. He tilted his helmet up slightly, and Lucan watched the burning eyes change to normal, human eyes as they emerged from the shade of the visor. “Tell your Father I send my regards,” the Blood Lord told him.

Before Lucan could reply, the Blood Lord opened his hand and let a small black orb roll off his palm. It quickly expanded in mid-air and the three were swallowed by the globe of darkness.
The ride back to Tent City was quiet. Everyone rode in the cart, which was filled with meat and various other supplies. Muradin appeared relieved when they approached. “Looks like you got everything,” he said. “Any problems?”

Abelarde hopped off the cart and tossed the reins to Muradin. “Not really, no. Now which way to the vessel – I mean ship – I mean boat!”

The flying hog’s head caught him in the back of his own. Muradin looked down at the swine skull. “Why would you bring a pig’s head with you?” he asked.

Yelena wiped her hands and looked at Abelarde. “You never know when you’re going to need one.”

The Resurrection

The Resurrection

As the group returned to the surface, Uther told the others not to let Muradin know that Pikalas was a Drow. Like most other people, he hated the Drow. Unfortunately Uther needed Pik to raise Yelena, and time was of the essence. It was an eight hour ritual, and that still might not give them enough time to bring her back from the dead.

Muradin approached with the mage Urom. He asked if they’d found the scroll, and who the Hell was that person in the cloak? Uther said she was going to bring Yelena back, and that’s all he needed to know. While Uther escorted Pik away, Muradin tried to question the group.

The town guardsmen hit the scene and told everyone that the portal the Scions had once passed through had opened in the town square. Horace had been fending off the scourge of undead that had been pouring through. The visitors were returning to Tent City, followed by many of the locals. The militia was planning on locking down the town just to keep whatever came through the gates, contained.

Muradin rallied a force to protect Tent City. The Scions decided to do what they could within the walls of Nynn. Uther accompanied them.

The Scions entered Nynn while a convoy of refugees exited the town. “Take them to the Great Fire for now,” someone said. “It’ll be the safest place to be if Hell breaches the walls of Nynn!”

The Scions advanced to the Town’s Square. Banners had been ripped and torn, decorations fallen and trampled. The festival was over, but judging by the expression on the faces of militia men standing watch on street corners, Nynn might very well be over as well.

A block before the Town Square, twenty men stood guard while another ten were attended to. They were fresh meat brought from the square. Things seemed to be at a lull for the moment, which was giving everyone a chance to recover. The Scions were told that Mayor Teresse refused to leave the Town Hall. One of the men told the Scions: “You get close to the portal and you can feel it. Something very bad is coming.”

Approaching the Town Square, the group saw Horace standing tall. Holding his warhammer “Eternal Silence” in his hand, he looked tired. Dead and undead were laying all around him. Four men stood with him. He was yelling in the direction of the Town Hall. “Mayor Teresse! Please unlock the door and come out!” Mayor Teresse was visible in the window. She looked terrified. The building had been mystically blessed, so no undead could breach it. The door was also magically sealed, so only a very powerful entity could break it down. Two of the militia were leaning on the door to try and force it open. No go.

Once he’d seen that the Scions had arrived, Horace really looked tired. He told two of his men to go to the Emerald Dream and get his mother out of the place. He paused and sent the other two men trying to break the door down. “She might not leave willingly, and you’re gonna need backup.”

Horace told the group there had been no warning. There were speeches, the portal opened, and the undead started pouring through to kill everyone they came in contact with. More harm was caused in the panicked fleeing than by the undead.

There are so many dead. So many. Women and children, half eaten or torn limb from limb. Clowns, jugglers. People who would have brought happiness, their faces only showing the horror in their demise. Might be why Mayor Teresse refuses to leave the building. That, and the fact that the portal was still open.

Looking through the portal showed only darkness. Abelarde understood that the portal should have been closed an hour ago. They weren’t designed to stay open longer than a few minutes. There was movement in the dark. A flash of light. Much movement. Tylus came flying through the portal. He hit the ground in a heap. He looks up and saw the group.

“Run,” he said as he got to his feet.

Aelik came tumbling through as well. “Motherfucker!” He saw the Scions. “Get the townies out of here!” he yelled, pointing at Horace. Both men looked beaten and bloody.

The Blood Lord stepped through the portal with Frostwyrm in hand, a big shield in the other. He looked around. “Home Sweet Home,” he said in a tone mixed with both disgust and hatred.

Horace was stunned. “Jaxon? Jaxon Shadowbreaker?”

The Blood Lord looked at him. “Hello Horace. I see you’ve been busy.”

A Chain Devil stepped through the portal next. “Kill them,” the Blood Lord told him.

Two spiked chains snapped out and wrapped around Horace’s neck, cutting his head off.

Tylus and Aelik rushed Jaxon, and the devil make a move for the Scions. A moment later, more devils came through and joined the fray.

At some point in the battle, Aelik was killed. Tylus slashed Jaxon across the face, giving him a nasty scar. As the battle reached its peak, Tylus told the group to run. Lady Zuffrin appeared out of thin air and blasted the Blood Lord.

The Scions returned to Tent City. At this point, Pikalas had almost completed the ritual. Uther stood by his sister as the color returned to Yelena. Outside the tent, a huge crowd had formed. Yenena sat up and hugged her brother. The Heart of Oremus flashed and lighting jumped from Yelena to everyone. The Scions barely managed to get out of the way of the blast. Yelena fell over.

Pikalas smiled. “And that’s two hundred.”

Tent City

Tent City

The group followed Uther to Tent City, in hopes of getting Yelena resurrected. The Scions arrived just after sunrise, and immediately head to the Great Fire. There was a prayer session taking place, led by a Dragonborne Cleric of Torm named Eregos. Muradin and a wizard named Urom also sat amongst the patrons. Eregos asked what a servant of Torm can do to help them.

Eregos unwrapped the sheet and saw the headless body. He wouldn’t help Yelena because she was a Priestess of a Dragon. Bahamut is a lie, and will not help a follower of a lie.

Muradin told the group that there was a scroll that could be obtained from the bottom of a deep chasm. A rope bridge that crossed the chasm was broken. Urom’s wife, the cleric of Muradin’s group, had the scroll on her when she fell.

The Cave Mission

Muradin had been hired in Waterdeep by a Mage named Decca. He needed an item called the Heart of Oremus, and it was known to be located within an old cave system in the mountains. Deep within those cavern lay a long-deactivated construct, designed during the Spellplague to help turn the tides and contain the madness. The Heart of Oremus was the power source for the construct, and it remains lodged within the machination’s chest.

The reason Decca was interested in it now wasn’t so much for his own curiosity, but because of the curiosity of another. This man was part of some cult with designs on freeing some mystical man-god of some kind. Decca learned only a few murmurs about the man, but knew enough that he was serious about his intent, and capable of delivering on his promise. Knowing the power the Heart possessed, Decca put the word out to a few trusted sources to find someone to retrieve the Heart.

Muradin met with Decca and didn’t trust what the Mage told him. However, the money was good enough to get him to head out to retrieve the Heart. He did come upon some powerful magic in the moutains – living statues, mystical traps. After all of that, it was an explosion on a bridge that derailed the mission.

Muradin told the Scions that he had not heard that the Heart had been retrieved. Decca made no attempt to find out if Muradin had survived, to his knowledge. Maybe another group had gone in and retrieved the Heart. Maybe this stranger now had it. All he knew was that the scroll was still down there.

The Mission

When the Scions arrived at Tent City, they were taken to the Great Fire. Urom opened a portal to the bridge. He gave the group a wand that they were to break when they wanted the portal reopened. The magic in the wand has a duration. In fact, it had the duration that Yelena had. When the magic in the wand died, so did any chance at bringing her back from the dead.

Through the portal was a deep cavern. No light at all. They were near the bridge, but are on the wrong side of it. However, the bridge had been crudely repaired. The chasm was 60’ wide, 100’ deep. At the bottom of the chasm was the broken and decayed body of the cleric. A stream ran through her body. Scroll case was gone.

On the other side of the chasm was a set of double doors. There was chanting on the other side of the door.

Cautiously looking beyond the doors, the Scions saw a great deal of commotion. Against the far wall was a human construct handing crucifix-style. Its chest had been hacked open. Two large skirmish ogres with javelins stood on opposite sides of the cave. The Warhulk was standing beside a chanting Orc Eye of Gruumsh. Sparkling flames in front, almost naked female Drow writhing in the flames. In her hand she clutched the partially melted holy symbol of Bahamut. She’d screamed herself hoarse.

As the group entered the room they could overhear a conversation.

“Me am not sure you doing that right,” said the Warhulk.

“And what do you know of mysticism?” snapped the Orc.

“It supposed to be more fire, not so much spark.”

The sparks got brighter as the group got further into the room.

“See that!” chimed the Orc. “It IS working!”

Once everyone had been defeated and the drow was safe, she revealed her name as Pikalas, cleric of Bahamut. The Heart of Oremus sat on the ground. Uther ragdolled the drow to see if she could bring back the dead. She said she could if she used the Heart’s power. The group decided to bring Pikalas topside to perform the ritual.

The Church Of Bahamut

The Church of Bahamut

Time: 330am. Site of the Church of Bahamut.

As the group neared the church area, they saw a few large bonfires burning. There were armed men standing around them, throwing what looked to be bodies into the flames. Members of the Honor Guard, bloody and sweaty, were relieved to see the Scions.

They were attacked by an army of the Undead, not unlike the one that attacked Nynn several weeks back. There seemed to be more this time, larger and more dangerous. The group could make out the zombie bodies being doused with oil.

They tell the Scions that the Undead rushed the Church, but Yelena and her brother Uther managed to hold them back until the Honor Guard could assist. It was a long battle, but the Undead were slain.

Yelena and Uther were resting in a shack beside the church.

The Scions knocked on the door. Uther appeared to be sleeping. Yelena’s bed was empty. Uther woke up and told them she probably went to the bathroom. They inspect outhouse, empty. They do find droplets of blood leading into the church.

The Church of Bahamut had roof, walls and floor done. There were also many bodies still in the church, apparently the Guard hadn’t made their way into the building yet. No doors. No light. Blood trail led downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, Yelena was slumped over a chest. Her hands were twitching. A small crypt slab in the wall had been slid open. Abelarde waited in the hall while the rest of the group entered. A vial broke, the door slammed shut. They find that Yelena’s body had no head. The chest she’s slumped over was empty.

In the hallway, Aultan (who now reaveled himself to be a Vampire Spawn) whispered how much he was looking forward to killing Abelarde. The rest of the group managed to escape the room, track down Aultan, and kill him. The Skull was inside Aultan’s satchel. Abelarde stuck the skull in Toby’s backpack.

Return To Tent City

Return To Tent City

Time: 2am.

The Honor Guard was all over the Emerald Dream. Selga was irritated and a little shaken at the intrusion. Orville was a big deal to the city, and his murder was only going to make things worse for Nynn. The Festival was supposed to help thing along, not spread fear. The group went through his belongings. He was wearing travellers clothes, and a number of people in attendance said that Orville never dressed down to that extent. Selga said that he sometimes met girls up there in his room. He had a couple of regulars, but neither Selga nor the bartender saw anyone go up to the room. His remains were to be taken to Burtil the Undertaker.

Time: 230am.

The group went back to Orville’s home to talk with Jeeves.

When they approached the house, it appeared to be buttoned up. The front gate was closed, and two men patrolled the grounds. They did not try to stop the group when they made themselves known. They worked at the mine and were just doing this gig for extra money.

The curtains were drawn in the house, but there did appear to be a light on inside. Jeeves answered the door after a time. He was trying to hide something, clearly out of fear. He told the group it would not be right to allow them in when the master was not home, and they should come back in the morning.

The group mentioned that Orville was dead. Jeeves didn’t react or seemed surprised. He said the only ones in the house were himself and his wife. She also acted in a servant status. “My wife… please you must leave now…”

The Scions finally made their move and entered the house, coming face to face with Naxx and his Zombie Hulk bodyguard. Naxx was sent to retrieve an item Orville had found in the mine. The Blood Lord needed the Skull of Hamfel, and Naxx wanted to know where it was.

After Naxx and his servant were defeated, Jeeves told the group that the Skull was sent to the Church of Bahamut, to be buried in the foundation.

Festival of the Scions

Festival of the Scions

The Scions were having breakfast at the Adventurer’s Guild House. The caretaker had made them breakfast and was just about to serve them when she looked up and bows, somewhat startled at the appearance of Lady Zufferin. Lady Zufferin requested a fine herbal tea, or she might very well die. After a little back and forth with the group, she asked if Aelik had returned from his vacation. She revealed that she had opened the town portal to Highpass earlier and he had stepped through.

The Honor Guard (Nynn’s new militia name) came by, led by Horace. With “Eternal Slumber” at his side, Horace had a seat and told the group that the tournament will start tomorrow. The town had almost doubled in size, with many merchants setting up shop outside the city. Crime was higher out there as well, so he advised that the group stays within the city limits. He was also instructed by Orvillis (Orville) Jacks that their presence was requested at his city home for dinner later tonight.

Yelena was working with the Church of Bahamut, so she was unavailable. However, she asked the group if they could find her brother Uther somewhere in Tent City. She’d heard he’d made the trip to Nynn, and hasn’t seen him in a very long time. He’d most likely be in a spiritual temple, or a bar.

The Scions of Legacy arrived in Tent City and stopped in at the Great Fire. The Great Fire was a large bonfire pit that had been dug into the earth. Large stacks of trees had been dragged here, but upon investigation the trees had no rings. They had been magically created for fuel. The flames danced in the firepit, changing color. Standing close to the flames relaxed the group. Smaller tents were set up in rings around the fire, along with prayer mats out front. Prayer beads hung from a few of the tents.

Madaless was moderating a discussion near the fire between local merchants and a merchant from Waterdeep. They were discussing the potential for trade in the future, using mystical portals to move goods.

The Pub was a large tent with wooden walls. It was always busy, like a scene out of Oktoberfest. They serve MeatSteak, MeatSoup, and various Ales. The Scions were told that Uther always came back to the Pub, and if they want to stick around they were welcome to wait for him.

That’s when they were serenaded -

“Abelarde Whitby – a bag of hot air
The one they call Toby, all covered with hair
because his drunk father had sex with a bear
and Lucan the coward – his spine is not there
Yelena’s a whore who just wants you to stare
A Festive for Scions we really don’t care.”

Muradin knew the Scions were there. He knew they were looking for Uther. He also knew they’re looking to unload gear. But they had come into his domain, and there was a cost of doing business. However, since there was magic afoot they’d have to compete to earn the goodies. Come back in the evening.

The group attended Orville’s dinner. Midway through, Orville received a message and he ended the meal early. The group left but hung around and followed Orville to the Emerald Dream. They crashd the room he had gone into and found him murdered. They chased the potential killer and got a good look at him: Aultan. Aultan escaped.

The Day After

The Day After

The Scions was visited by Horace at the Guild House. He told them that Selga had requested their presence at the Emerald Dream.

Once they arrived, she sat them at a table in the back of the tavern. She had information for them.

- The guardsmen came by the Emerald Dream just after sunrise. The dead miners were found and their deaths had been blamed on the events of last night (Drow or the Skeletons, not Toby).
- Noran Naxxremis is looking for them.
- Aelik didn’t leave word about leaving town, which is odd for him.

Guards returned to the inn and gather up the group. Naxxremis wished to speak with them.

When they arrived at the Hall of Heroes, a wing of the barricks, the group found Noran standing before rows of dead bodies covered with blankets. He wasn’t wearing his armor, but he did have some questions. He wanted to know if the group had any idea why the living dead came to attack their town. Did they do anything at the keep that might have brought this upon them? Naxx was aware that some of the undead were wearing the garb of the mercenaries who were guarding the keep, so he suspected that location as the origin of the undead.

He also wanted to know if they have any idea what happened to the slain miners.

Noran did not seem to believe them. For the safety of the town, he ordered them to be put under arrest. They were attacked. There wee Three Guards, One Mage, who happened to be holding the leash of a very nasty-looking attack dog.

Noran hung back and watched the group. When things started to look bad, Noran tried to flee. Insteand he was incapacitated and the Scions departed instead. They decided that they needed to return to the Keep to get some answers.

The Keep

There’d been work done on the keep. The walls had been built fifteen feet high, with no windows and no door. No roof either. The open hole now had a vault-like door with a mystic binding on it, and a magic lock. A Hobgoblin Commander sat in the entryway eating cold rations. He had the key for the lock on him. He threw a piece of meat to the chained Dire Wolf nearby. Two Bugbear Warrior patrolled the perimeter.

The bugbears began complaining to the hobgoblin. He told them to shut up and stop their snivelling before Tathlyn or Neera heard them. They would be paid as soon as Naxx showed up with the sacrifices.

Down the ladder. The dwarf statue was gone. It had been crushed and swept aside, as has most of the wreckage that previously littered the room. It looked like there was fresh blood in here, coupled with drag marks leading into the throne room. Camp had been tucked away, with gold and items for the taking (potions, etc).

Beyond the double doors: The group heard the sounds of combat and the occasional scream of the slain. There was a commotion in the room. Tathlyn (a Drow Bladesmaster) was mowing down people while his sister, Neera (Drow Wizard) barely watched out of boredom. She wa spending most of her attention reading a book bound in black leather, trimmed in gold. After a good scream, she peeked over the top of the book to watch the body fall to the floor. She chastised him for playing with his food, and he told her she was just jealous. She told him he was the jealous one in that that not only could he not read, he was not blessed with the power she had. He dispatched the last person, and Neera used a wand to entrap her brother in a mystic cage. Tathlyn is not impressed and demanded she release him.

The Scions attacked and defeated Neera while Tathlyn could only watch, trapped in the bubble.

They examined Neera. There was some gear as well as a swirling shadow orb with a skull in it, much like the disc Naxx’s mage had. There was also a pool of crimson where the throne once was. On a dais near the pool was the tome Neera was reading from. It mentioned the name Illidus. Lucan recalled the name as a legendary Warlock who is part Eladrin, part Demon. The key ingredient to open the portal to free him from his dimensional prison was the sacrifice of two hundred souls.

With Neera dead, Tathlyn was trapped in the cage. He was seething, but could not escape and the group could not get to him. Yelena suggested that they leave him in his bubble, lock the doorway, and either break the key in the lock or get rid of the key. No one can get into the Keep, and Tathlyn couldn’t get out. Yelena took the book when they left.

As they made their way back to town, the Scions met Naxx who happened to be leading a squad of two hundred militia men to the Keep. The Scions offered the book up as evidence that Naxx was taking them all as a sacrifice to unleash a demon that he hoped to control. The Militia turned on Naxx. He called on his men to protect him. The Mage and Naxx went after Yelena to get the book. The others attacked the group. Naxx fled. The Militia fought amongst themselves and didn’t get involved. Horace stepped up with his mystic Warhammer and took control of the Militia.

Visit Kavalar

Visit Kavalar

Aelik, the Guild Leader, had disappeared. Selga hadn’t seen him for days, which is odd for him.

The group had built something of a reputation after rescuing the militia soldiers from the Keep. Kavalar Coppernight had been magically placed in a sleep, hoping he could recover from whatever horror he saw underneath the keep. His best friend, Welmon Goldbeard, had sent several mercenaries to return to the Keep to secure it and lock it down until Kavalar recovered. Until then, no one was to go into the Keep.

Yelena had been praying to Bahumut for guidance. She felt that she has been shown the way, and would redouble her efforts in his name. She is no fool, and is well aware that Abelarde is not the Paladin he claimed to be. She forgave him his discretion, as long as he wasn’t taking the Divine’s name in vain. Apparently he had no idea which god he was to worship. Yelena offered a suggestion -

Waukeen (Unaligned female) God of Merchants, Dominion of the Eternal Sun, Priests are known as Goldeyes Adjective is “Waukeenar”

The Dwarves had sequestered a room at the Emerald Dream. Welmond remained at his friend’s side, while Kavalar remained in a magic stasis cast by Lady Zuffrin. Welmond had no idea what Kavalar saw, just that it was horrible and it was coming for him. On occasion, miners from the nearby mine (the owner, Orvillis Jack) came by to harass the dwarves.

That evening, Katherine was to be performing with her band, so the place was packed. The Scions were in attendance as well. There was a table of emerald miners, celebrating the survival of a recent goblin ambush. They were also angry that dwarves had mercenaries to protect a keep that nobody was even using, but they had to fight to keep the mine open. The very mine that kept the town afloat.

One man, Crazy Jordus, got very loud. Very pissed about the militia numbers running low. Where the Hell were all the soldiers? Why was no one stepping up to help protect the source of the money for Nynn? The miners were all still armed. Selga offered them free booze to calm them down. Instead they wanted to tear the bar down.

Toby started crushing them. The Scions followed suit.

After the dust settled, Selga wondered where the Hell the militia was. Why had nobody shown up during the brawl? That would be due to the fact that they were currently fighting off skeletons.

Word came by way of two very nervous militia guardsmen. Undead swarms were attacking Nynn. They came for Aelik, but since he was not there they took the Scions with them. Something had blown a hole in one of the walls and there was nobody left to defend the breach.

As the group arrived, the two men who had been guarding the hole had been slaughtered. These men were killed with precision, a little more than what would be found by skeletons. The Scions also noticed that the wreckage indicated the wall was blown up from inside Nynn. They were then attacked by skeletons and zombies.

Guardsmen arrived with partitions that would block the hole. Some of the lanterns had gone out, but there was enough light to see some of the gear these undead men were wearing. They identify it as gear worn by the mercenaries that were guarding Coppernight Keep. The fight raged near the front gate, so while the big strong men patch up the wall Yalena decided to help the front line. The group went with her. When they arrived, the militia was standing back while a single Drow stood in the middle of a heap of bodies, blood dripping off the twin blades he held in his hands.

“You people are sheep. This town isn’t yours anymore. Consider this a courtesy call, and leave.” He dropped a bloody sack in the heap, cloud, gone. Inside the sack were the heads of the remaining mercenaries from Coppernight’s Hold.

Coppernight Hold

Coppernight Hold

Kavalar Coppernight, a dwarf prospector, had led a couple of dozen volunteers in a quest for rich veins of ore. Several months ago, they began underground mining operations, as well as a surface excavation for a small keep. Hearing of this development, the mayor sent two veteran militia members to investigate. They should have returned two days ago, and the mayor was growing anxious.

What they don’t know, as it turned out, shortly after the soldiers set off, a white dragon wyrmling and her kobold followers struck the building site. The assault against the dwarven enterprise was difficult and costly, but ultimately successful. The majority of the dwarf miners, builders, and guards perished defending their new home. Only a few dwarves were taken prisoner.

Since then, the dragon had holed up in the newly constructed chambers, hoping to recruit more kobolds from a nearby tribe to join her forces. After gathering more cannon fodder, the dragon planned to use Coppernight Hold as a launching point for further attacks.

The group is asked by Aelik, on behalf of the Mayor, to find out what happened to the two militia members.

After slaying Kobolds and the white Wyrmling, they returned with Kavalar Coppernight himself and the milita men.


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