Highpass Keep


Highpass Keep is governed by:

  • Lord Witherdell: An older man who longs for the day when he can join the noble families in Tyrm. He doesn’t feel he gets any respect because he rules what is seen as a much-lesser land. He tries to increase the status of Highpass to make it seem important.
  • Lady Witherdell: Hates Highpass, and has little love for Lord Witherdell. She came from very humble beginnings in Tyrm, and only came to Highpass to increase her status by become a nobleman’s wife. She often takes out her frustration on others by abusing her position.
  • Celeste (daughter): Much like her mother, Celeste doesn’t want to be in Highpass. She’s only been to Tyrm a handful of times in her young life, but the beauty knows that Tyrm is where she is meant to be. Highpass is boring, and she often amuses herself with those who pass through the town. A Tramp, some might say. She hopes to meet that handsome young man, or rich older man, who will take her away to Tyrm.
  • Akumas (son): Akumas takes after his father in wanting to improve Highpass. He differs in that he wants to do it because he understands the importance of Highpass. It is a trade route that is constantly being assaulted. If Highpass ever fell, it would be months or years before trade could be resumed through the pass. Tyrm grudgingly offers support to the red-headed stepchild, but Akumas hopes that one day Highpass will stand mighty and proud, viewing Tyrm as an equal rather than the place everyone wishes they could live.

Beyond Highpass are a number of smaller towns of the Barony of Germaine, and most of the trade wares end up in the Barony’s capital city of Broan. But the Barony has problems of its own, so it finds itself taxed as far as resources that can be provided to aid Highpass.

Adventurer’s Guild

The Adventurer’s Guild is one of the few money-making enterprises in Highpass. People come from across the land to receive instruction in the magical or combative arts. They are trained to become adventurers and are given adequate equipment to start their careers with. In return, they are expected to give a percentage of the treasure they recover.

Guildmaster – Tylus Krytian: Bald, bearded, muscular human. He’s rumoured to have been raised by dwarves. Gruff, but skilled.

Mysticism Instructor – Bakaras: Male Tiefling warlock. There is a rumour that Bakaras serves a powerful demon lord and is only kept in check by his word to Tylus.

Combat Instructor – Jana: Dwarven Female fighter. Ther is a rumour that Jana is Tylus’ wife/sister/girlfriend, but there’s no obvious interaction between them that would suggest this.

Highpass Keep

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