Size: relatively small
Walls: stone, with many gates
Layout: sheer unstructured chaos

Attractions: beautiful new architecture and thriving nightlife
Famous For: paladins and emeralds
Nearest Tavern: a few blocks from the entrance – The Emerald Dream

Guards: good at dice, bad at fighting
Locals: unfriendly
Crime: little
Economic Base: mining
Main Gem: emeralds
Economy: average but growing

Government: one elected official, Mayor Teresse
Major Influence: economy

Religious Influence: weak

Streets: smell of cooking food
Buildings: have barred doors

House Longsword

There has been little training going on at the Guild House. The conditions are not pristine, and any training that is to be done is either going on in the basement or behind the house. The Guild House, known as House Longsword, brandishes the Adventurer Guild’s insignia above the door. The same longsword that appears on the Guild rings. There is no instruction here, people either train by themselves or pick up tips from other Longswordmen who pass through, which doesn’t happen very often. The only full-time occupant is Lady Zuffrin. Household chores are taken care of by Mrs. Josten, a middle-aged lady who does the cleaning and cooking.

The house has been given quite a bit of space. It had once been the site of an inn, but the inn burned down and was cleared away. The basement of the house is actually the Inn’s old cellar, which extends well past the house proper and into the garden and training area in the backyard. There are two goats as well back there, Bessie and Gerome, which provides milk and cheese for the house. The garden provides vegetables. Aelik provides the meat when he plans annual hunting trips into the mountains.

Notable Locals

Justalyne Teresse – The supposedly philanthropic Mayor who is associated with several questionable events. She has been rapidly losing allies. Rumors say that she aspires to be like guild leaders. She can usually be found at work.

Noran Naxxremis – The flamboyant guard captain who may have dabbled in forbidden magic. He has more enemies than allies. Rumors say that he holds a grudge against mercenaries. He can usually be found wandering around.

Aelik – The mercenary-like guild leader who is known to spin complex schemes. He has more enemies than allies. Rumors say that he is secretive about dealings with outsiders. He can usually be found in the Emerald Dream.

Selga – Owner/Barmaid of the Emerald Dream. She’s a gruff, no-nonsense kind of woman who lost her adventurer husband a few years ago. The money her husband accumulated went into building the Dream. She has two children, Katherine and Horace.

Katherine – Daughter of Selga, and a musician/singer. She travels all over the land with her bandmates and has developed quite a name for herself. She is known for her beautiful voice, as well as her piercing green eyes (green like the emeralds that come from the very earth, her mother proudly claims).

Horace – Son of Selga. He acts as both a Bartender and a Bouncer at the Emerald Dream. He has a warhammer named “Eternal Silence” that he uses in his security detail. He’s a bit slow, but has a good heart.

Lord Jaxon Shadowbreaker – A young man who grew to become a Paladin of some renown, has his own statue in town. Mayor Teresse had it put up to honor their local hero, although the people of Nynn didn’t think much of it. Jaxon left many years ago and has never returned. People who have heard stories about his many heroic adventures sometimes flock to the town that spawned him, and are often disappointed by the unfriendly, godless masses they find. The people of Nynn are a little bitter toward Jaxon for that.


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